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Harvesting Wisdom Publishing exists to write, publish and bring attention to original works dealing with  personal, professional and transformational development that make a deep and profound difference in people’s lives.




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At Harvesting Wisdom, we believe that no matter what you’ve experienced in life, no matter how difficult, traumatizing, or even heart breaking your challenges have been, you deserve to live a fulfilling life, and you deserve to be happy. We believe in the transformational potential of the human spirit, and aspire to create content that supports this possibility.

The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create it!​​

Meet the Team

J.H. Parker

American Writer, Audiobook Narrator

Teachers fall from the pedestals we put them on.

I am not a teacher, nor am I here to lecture or tell anyone how to live their life because I am passionately in the journey of life myself, stumbling less and less each day and being a flawed human. 

For over 35 years, I have immersed myself in the work of personal transformation with a simple philosophy; Apply everything to self first.

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

                                – Bruce Lee

My Passions:


I am a writer of transformational work with the intention of serving the greater good of humanity.

As a behavioral assessment analyst, I have been fortunate to have worked personally and professionally with countless people on their journey of life.

Men’s Work

Men’s transformational work is my calling. I no longer lead groups, but I am open and supportive of authors and leaders doing incredible work to help men evolve and transform their lives to become better men, husbands, fathers, and emissaries of this work.

Giving back, paying it forward:

My passion for supporting and working with transitioning Veterans and their families is in memory of my son Danny, who was killed in an adrenaline-seeking, excessive speed-related motorcycle accident after completing his military service. Danny was a Purple Heart Recipient and Combat Veteran of two deployments to Afghanistan with the Army 10th Mountain Division. I am a former peacetime Marine, and my father was a former Marine, Korean War Combat Veteran, and Air Force Reconnaissance photographer in Vietnam.


Yonel Dorelis

Actor & Narrator

Yonel “Yogi” Dorelis is a retired U.S. Air Force Major and combat rescue pilot. Born and raised in New York City. He spent 28 years in the military and had the unique distinction of serving in the Marine Corps, Navy, Army National Guard, and Air force. Originally a Naval Aviator, he has served as a helicopter pilot in the Army National guard and Air force as well. A combat veteran with multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, he has been awarded the Distinguished flying cross with valor, 5 Air Medals, and has flown over 150 combat sorties. Since retirement from the military, Yonel has worked as an exercise planner, developing personnel recovery training for the military and civilian agencies, an EMS helicopter pilot, and tour pilot, all while pursuing his next goal of writing and acting. Currently, Yonel lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and is working as an EMS helicopter pilot. He has been married to his wife, Karen for almost 29 years. They have two grown daughters, a granddaughter, a grandson, 4 Dogs. and 4 Cats

James Mihaley

In Memorium

Inspiration & Writing Coach

James Mihaley created inspiring content across a broad spectrum of genres. He was an award winning children’s author published by Macmillan. His eco-novel, ‘You Can’t Have My Planet But Take My Brother,’ Please uses humor to empower children, instilling the belief that kids can have a gigantic impact on the environment. James had envisioned adapting his novel into a screenplay. As a working screenwriter, he developed a project for Gale Ann Hurd, producer of ‘The Terminator’ and ‘The Walking Dead’. He also optioned a screenplay to Bryan Cranston, star of ‘Breaking Bad’. James made a breakthrough as an artist when he discovered that his strength was versatility. No longer fighting the urge to explore new art forms, he decided to embrace it. In the field of poetry, he published a collection of spiritual poems titled ‘The New Yogi Manifesto’. This led to a collaboration with acclaimed guitarist, Grecco Buratto, on a groundbreaking guided meditation set to music called ‘Traffic Jam Meditation’. The highly irreverent tone of TJM is designed to appeal to the 295 out of 300 people in this country who don’t have a regular meditation practice. Having grown up in Wisconsin, a bonafide cheesehead, James was determined to use laughter to bring the healing power of meditation to rural America and big cities, to red and blue states. James was a public speaker and spoken word artist. He taught unique ‘Writing & Yoga’ workshops around the country. His specialty was helping inexperienced writers get jumpstarted. Through a more relaxed, non-competitive, yogic approach, he was committed to aiding people who have always aspired to write a book, to fulfill their lifelong dreams. He had a thriving literary coaching practice and resided in Los Angeles. He enjoyed football, dancing and rolling burritos on a food truck for the homeless. His father, James Senior, was a Korean War Air Force Veteran.


John McClain

Director & Sound Designer

John McClain is the owner of The Dog and Pony Show, a boutique audio company in Las Vegas, NV USA. John won a Grammy in 2001 for his work with the late, great George Carlin and his work with HBO on the series 24/7 brought his company a national Emmy in 2008. John’s father retired as a Colonel in the Marine Corps; he was awarded the Bronze Star in the battle for Hue City and later led development of the LAV. Colonel McClain died in 2012 from complications due to Agent Orange. When not working his audio mojo, John likes to ski the avalanche-prone back country of Utah, cook paella for his friends and spend time with his beautiful wife Dawn and amazing son Declan.

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